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Mobility and Connectivity

Single Site Networks

Fast and reliable business grade internet connections are now required for every business. Cloud Edge have starter pack business grade broadband plans starting at below $50 per month, with plans growing from there through Ethernet-lite, all the way up to Fibre Optic cable to your business. It means that you can choose the speed and download limit you are after for your business and be assured of excellent support, and response of Business Grade Broadband.

Multi Site Networks

Multi-site networks are imperative for all types of businesses to be able to streamline communication with employees using systems like Exchange Collaboration, VoIP, SharePoint Servers and other ERP and financial systems. Cloud Edge has multiple network options from internet based VPN solutions up to dedicated private networks with broadband and wireless access.

Mobility and Connectivity

Mobility and connectivity is currently one of the most discussed IT enhancements for every business. Whether you have a Cloud or On-Premise IT Systems, access to your data and programs from multiple locations and multiple devices in a secure manner is becoming increasingly important. Enhance your connectivity with simple and easy to use off-the-shelf and custom built solutions from Cloud Edge.

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