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Cloud Servers come ready to host your accounting systems, ecommerce sites, documents, printing, databases and any other process that runs your business. They can be securely accessed from any of your offices, home or remote locations so that your business keeps running with all the information you require at your fingertips. Cloud Edge can tailor Cloud Server solutions to match your business and your processes.

Cloud Servers offer the same Windows and Operating Systems that run on On-Premise hardware and business systems. It just offers these in a hosted environment that gives your business access to high speed, secure, backed-up and redundant hardware that is traditionally out of reach of small and medium businesses. When moving to Cloud Servers there is no need to predict the resources your business will require in 4-5; instead just scale up or down as your business requirement change.

  • Cost Efficient – Reduce up-front ICT capital investment with Cloud Edge’s virtual servers.
  • Reliable – Secure servers backed by the most reliable IP network in Australia.
  • Secure – Robust infrastructure, security processes and add-ons protect business data 24/7.
  • Business Ready – Ready for business grade email, SQL, ERP, CRM, file and print services.
  • Mobile – Available from any location where you have an internet connection.
  • Managed Backup –Automated nightly and retained for a period of your choice.

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