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Cloud Data Backup

Are you sick of tape, hard drive of file copy backups? Are they taking up time that you should be spending on your core business activities? Then you need automated Cloud Data Backups. Configure what and when you want to backup and Cloud Data Backups will seamlessly backup your files. Just set and forget! The backup service will hold multiple versions of a single file (versions of files are taken each time a file is modified) just in case you write over a file that you need to keep.

All of your important files are compressed and encrypted then sent over a secure connection to our multiple redundant Australian data-centres. Backups can be set to run from multiple PC’s or Servers via the one plan with only your total space being taken into account for the monthly price.

  • Easy to use
  • Enterprise-grade Security
  • For the PC or Server
  • Access and restore your files online
  • Great value for money

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